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UFO Challenge

UFO. WIP. OMG. Don’t remember this one.

Whatever you call your unfinished projects, we all have them. I was looking for a particular piece of fabric and found a box of finished blocks and additional cut fabric ready to be pieced into additional blocks. Imagine my surprise! Are you ready to complete six of your unfinished projects this year? Are you willing to put up $1.00 for each project as a promise to complete them? The promise money will go to prizes in a drawing for those who complete all their listed projects by the December meeting. Our challenge for the remainder of 2023 is to complete six of those UFOs that you don’t remember starting or you put away to finish later. Now is the time to complete them. You can even count those cuddle quilt materials you took home but haven’t quite gotten to. At the June meeting, you can pick up the form to join the challenge, pay your $6.00, and get started. Call Betsy Anne with questions.

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