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Meet our Co-Presidents
Betsy Blum and Bev Gulley

SMQA is 40 plus years old! Our first meeting was held at a small fabric store in Oakhurst, where there were fewer than 20 very young newbie quilters.  We had lots to learn about quilting.  There were no rotary cutters in those days, and using traditional techniques we learned to quilt. We hired quilt teachers to come to Oakhurst including these notable names; Mary Ellen Hopkins, Roberta Horton, Jean Ray Laury and Yvonne Porcella. SMQA quickly grew and being young and enthusiastic we added a quilt show. Unknowingly, we were a part of the new quilting wave which is still going strong. 


SMQA meets the first Thursday of the month. Smaller circles help to build close,  lasting friendships and the quilt show has us all working together.  As we get back into the rhythm of life we hope to see more members in attendance at our meetings and guests are always welcome. We have a fantastic schedule of programs plus workshops with well known instructors for 2023. Check out the Program page. 


Sadly the fabric store  where we first met is long gone but it has been replaced by a wonderful store Bear Paw Quilts and More. 



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