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Sewing Circle


FOOTLOOSE Stands For: 
F-friends who are
O-out of the
T-traders of quilting, sewing, cooking, traveling and life advice
L-lighthearted and full of laughter
O-overextended, but always make time for 
O-others and
E-energy and enthusiasm generously

Footloose Row Quilts

Early in 2020, pre-COVID 19, the Footloose sewing circle started a row exchange.  Each participant set the theme of their own quilt by completing the first row.  Bags were exchanged at a bi-monthly meeting with plans to make the next swap in a month. Some bags contained lengthy directions, suggestions, etc. and extra fabric in addition to the initial row.  Others simply put their starter row in a paper bag, trusting that the Footloose members would know best how to proceed.  Since the group was no longer meeting in person, exchanges took place in parking lots and most frequently at a centrally located Footloosie's back patio, where two or three would mask up to make the exchange.  

After a year of designing, sewing, and exchanging rows, the group got together at the Fresno Flats Historical Park for the Row Quilt Reveal! Unbeknownst to the Footloose group's organizer, Lynn G (the one who keeps to group on task with email reminders etc.) there was a bag full of rows for her too.  She'd opted not to participate in this Row Exchange, but one of the members, Barbara G, would have none of that and made sure that Lynn had her own Row Quilt in the end.  Barbara started a row (intended for Lynn) and put it in with the mix of bags that were shuffled amongst the participants.  The rest of the members knew, but Lynn was completely taken by surprise on the day of the reveal.


Though one could never have predicted it, the row exchange turned out to be a great way to stay connected in a year of social distancing.   

More fun times with the Footloosies 
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