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Circle the Wagons

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The Bits & Pieces circle of the Sierra Mountain Quilters Association decided that we had had enough of quarantine and social distancing. So we decided to “Circle the Wagons” and get together. Circle the Wagons as in the old wagon trains heading west form the eastern United States. At the end of the day, the wagons would circle and settle down for the night. So Bits & Pieces decided to “Circle the Wagons” but in our cars. We decided the best meeting place would be Steve’s Sportsman’s Cafe on Highway 49; about half way between Oakhurst area and Mariposa area where we all live. Some of us ordered our lunch from Steve’s over the telephone and some waited and ordered once we got there. We circled our cars in the back of their parking lot; set up lawn chairs to sit in; and gathered together to eat lunch, laugh and talk, and have our regular show-and-tell.

Now, all our families, don’t get upset. We did practice social distancing and did not get any closer than six feet, as per government guidelines, to each other. These pictures tell the story of our awesome get together. You see Linda M sitting at her car, and Colette W standing by hers. Next is Margie W and Patty S admiring Patty’s dog who joined us too. To keep us all within government guidelines, you can see Patty V with her tape measure marking out the minimum distance between us. No cheating anyone; or you’ll answer to Patty!!

Poor Pat B forgot her lawn chair so she had to sit in the truck of her car. When Mel p showed up, Patty was right there to measure and make sure she didn’t sit too close to Pat. And thank you to Margie Wi who brought our treat for the day. And in compliance to government guidelines, the candies are all individually wrapped. Plus, only one at a time near the candy bowl!!! Mel P and her basket - she’s our boss and that basket goes to every meeting with all information to be covered in each meeting. Charlotte H set up her chair within the proper distance. I’m glad I had a hat in the back of my car because it was hot!!! I got a little bit of sunburn.

After lunch and treats, we had show-and-tell. First is Charlotte H and her blue flowers top made with Dresden Plates. Next was Patty S and her first two gorgeous birds from her Block of the Month with Sue Spargo. And Margie W showed her awesome blue and turquoise bag. Next she shows her table runner made with Christmas fabrics in a chevron pattern. This is one of our projects this year: We all got together at my house (Virginia C) and brought our light and dark Christmas fabrics and used my Accuquilt machine to cut 1 1/2” strips and then divided them up between us. Margie’s next quilt is from the class given by our special speaker at SMQA and from taking her class. And then Margie’s Jelly Roll Race quilt that she will donate for a women’s shelter or where it’s needed.

Now here’s Colette W showing her patriotic star. Another project for the Bits & Pieces is we have all been assigned a different star block. Most of the blocks come from the book Stars Across America by Kaye England. Anyway, we’re each making a star block and they will be put together in a quilt to be donated to Quilts of Valor. Next is Charlotte’s block for the Quilts of Valor quilt. Colette has another set of blocks in patriotic colors and she will be making a quilt to donate to Quilts of Valor. And Colette’s last quilt is a baby quilt that she started putting together at the SMQA winter retreat at ECCO. She will donate this one to our Cuddle Quilts program.

Next Patty V’s show-and-tell of her red and white quilt. Believe me, she’s been working on this one for a while. Lots of little pieces. My show-and-tell was next. I have both hands full of masks that I have made for first responders. My good friend whose husband is a Long Beach Policeman has put out a call for masks so I made some for them and my family. My next quilt is a Civil War quilt that I’ve been working on for a while and finally finished. That’s half of the quilt that you can see. Next is my star block for our Quilt of Valor quilt. That’s the Betsy Ross block. Next is a table runner kit in blue and green. Next is a flannel quilt that I will give to my grandson Colton. I love Bonnie Hunter quilts. The red one is called Garden Party. My friend Sheila and I took a class with her in January and this is half of my quilt. And then another Bonnie Hunter quilt called Straits of Mackinac. I love the colors in this quilt.

Diane W gave a class at Bear Paw Quilts for the placemats that Mel P is holding. The class was lots of fun. And then Mel shows her patriotic block. Mel also has a strip quilt that she made for our Cuddle Quilts program at SMQA. The last quilt is Mel P and her Patchwork Party quilt. She’s been working on that one for a while. All she has to do is finish appliquéing the red stars and then the quilting.

The last picture is a nice picture of our “Circle the Cars”. We had a great day and a wonderful time. It was so good to get together and visit and laugh. And we all practiced our social distancing; which was enforced by Patty V and her trusty tape measure.

We missed three of our members: Penni S, Mary W and Nancy H. So sorry you had to miss out on our special day. We miss all our families and friends.

Show and Tell

Patriotic Stars

Another project for the Bits & Pieces is we have all been assigned a different star block. Most of the blocks come from the book Stars Across America by Kaye England. Anyway, we’re each making a star block and they will be put together in a quilt to be donated to Quilts of Valor

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