Well, we are back to masking again and trying to maintain social distancing.  So far, we are meeting in person, but we are making sure we have ventilation and that the chairs are set at a distance from one another. We are encouraging our members and guests to avoid bunching up at the information and refreshment tables.

Unprecedented doesn't even begin to describe the past year and a half.  We have, however, been able to meet, to support each other, and to learn, in small groups and on Zoom throughout this time.  Our Guild is to be commended for continuing our charitable efforts through the Cuddle Quilt program.  Rough going may continue for a while, but we have a great group of members and with mutual encouragement we will power through.

We have a some good programs coming up:

September 9th, Strip Poker.  For those who wish to play after the business meeting, please bring twenty-two 2-1/2 by 43 inch strips of fabric.

September 13-16, Fall Retreat at ECCO.

October 7th, trunk show by Rachel Clark and a Seminole Style Piecing workshop the following day.  Rachel will show us her fantastic use of fabrics in quilts and clothing.

November 4th, presentation by John Egbert and our long awaited Convergence Quilt workshop to be held the following day.

Lots of learning to come in 2022.

A message to members, from our President:

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Bev Gulley Opportunity Quilt winner
Blooming Rainbow

This beautiful quilt was raffled off May 16, 2021.  Congratulations to the lucky winner, our own Bev Gulley!

Design - Ombre Flower Bouquet by V and Co.

Mystery Quilts

Virtual Show and Tell

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Sue Johnson's Blue Onion by Aardvark
Sue Johnson's Blue Onion by Aardvark

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Sue Johnson's  Bird Walk by Material Girl
Sue Johnson's Bird Walk by Material Girl

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Lissa Metzger
Lissa Metzger

This is the newest I completed. They are placemats for my sister in Maryland. I hope she'll like them.

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Sue Johnson's Blue Onion by Aardvark
Sue Johnson's Blue Onion by Aardvark

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Community Quilt - Paws Furever


THANKS FROM EMCSPCA Thank you to the SMQA for the lovely quilt you donated for our Eastern Madera County SPCA raffle. I had the pleasure to call one of our own, Betsy Anne Youngholm, with the news that she had won the quilt and she was extremely excited. We are so pleased that a member of our SPCA and, of course, a member of the quilt guild, was the winner. Our total income from the quilt raffle was $2,681. Thank you to the two artists and to the quilt guild for this wonderful donation.

Sincerely, Nancy L. Swanson EMCSPCA and SMQA

Upcoming Events

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 for more information

Fabric Artist - Rachel Clark

October 7, 2021 - Guild Meeting with Presenter, Rachel Clark.

Rachel Clark

October 8, 2021 - Workshop with Rachel Clark

John Egbert

November 4, 2021 - Guild meeting with John Egbert as presenter

Grand Convergence Quilt

November 5, 2021 - "Grand Convergence Quilt" Workshop. See link for supply list.


Quilted Chair Workshop by Chris Hudson - February 4, 2022