Another Spring is here.  We are a year into social distancing, but we are learning how to stay active and in touch despite not being able to meet in person.  We had a very successful Zoom presentation and workshop in February and expect to have several more over the coming months.  It is still not the most satisfactory way to see each other, but it continues to be the safest.

We are pleased that almost all of us have renewed our memberships for 2021 and some new members have joined SMQA.

With more of us able to access the Covid-19 vaccines, we continue to have hope that the Fall will bring the possibility of meeting in person again.  Until then, please stay safe and well.

In the meantime, I am hosting an early afternoon "Sew and Chat" on Tuesdays at 1:00 p.m. on Zoom.  Please call or email me if you would like to join us.  We have been working together on the Mystery Quilt and the Confetti Star blocks, as well as other projects.  It is yet another way to stay in touch while we quilt.


Thank you all, Penni Simily

A message to members, from our President:

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Design - Ombre Flower Bouquet by V and Co.

This beautiful quilt will be raffled off in May of 2021. Please contact a Sierra Mountain Quilt Guild member to purchase your opportunity quilt tickets.

30 tickets for $20
6 tickets for $5
1 ticket for $1


Mystery Quilts

Virtual Show and Tell

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Community Quilt - Paws Furever

Whew! Now that was definitely a work of heart for the both of us. Patty loves dogs and Lissa adores cats. We both worked so hard on the Eastern Madera County SPCA community quilt. We both have embroidery machines and enjoy making quilts, so we each did a number of embroidered blocks of dogs and cats to begin with. Then the borders were put on the blocks and we chose a background. That was fun! Going shopping for fabric! This was all before Covid-19 reared its ugly head, thankfully; otherwise it would be a different story. Next, we tried to figure out a layout for the quilt. That was a lot harder than we thought. We put the blocks on Patty’s flannel board and cut the sections that would attach them all together. We were both thankful when that was done. Next to decide on a quilter. Well, that was a nobrainer: Jeri Carney to the rescue. We decided it needed something in the center of the quilt, and Patty came up with a fun phrase: Paws Furever. How cute is that! We are both sad that we cannot do a show and tell at a guild meeting, but you can see it here on the SMQA website and the August 2020 newsletter. 

Submitted be Lissa Metzger


THANKS FROM EMCSPCA Thank you to the SMQA for the lovely quilt you donated for our Eastern Madera County SPCA raffle. I had the pleasure to call one of our own, Betsy Anne Youngholm, with the news that she had won the quilt and she was extremely excited. We are so pleased that a member of our SPCA and, of course, a member of the quilt guild, was the winner. Our total income from the quilt raffle was $2,681. Thank you to the two artists and to the quilt guild for this wonderful donation.

Sincerely, Nancy L. Swanson EMCSPCA and SMQA

Upcoming Events

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Quilting the Quilt

May 6, 2021 - Guild meeting via zoom. Two of our guild members will give information about how to chose a quilt design as a final finish to a perfect quilt.

Fabric Artist - Rachel Clark

October 7, 2021 - Guild Meeting with Presenter - Rachel Clark.

Rachel Clark

October 8, 2021 - Workshop with Rachel Clark

John Egbert

November 4, 2021 - Guild meeting with John Egbert as presenter

Grand Convergence Quilt

November 5, 2021 - "Grand Convergence Quilt" Workshop

Ice dyeing

Ice Dyeing Workshop - Janet Morita instructor. Date to be determined

Janet Morita

Janet Morita - presenter for guild meeting. Date to be determined.


Quilted Chair Workshop by Chris Hudson - Date to be determined.

Lissa Metzger

This is the newest I completed. They are placemats for my sister in Maryland. I hope she'll like them.