2021 Mystery Quilt

Our 2021 mystery quilt will be a little different than in years past.  Instead of sign-ups, this mystery quilt will be open to all.  The monthly clues will be posted right here on our Website.  Just to make it fun, we can post pictures of our progress.  It's always great to see each other's color choices.  


Quilt size - 64" x 82", cutting instructions are given for making each individual block type (of which there are three) so you can adjust the quilt size.

While the original intent of this pattern was to use scraps, it can certainly be made from yardage.

This quilt is Charm Square (5" x5") friendly, but if using scraps or yardage, do not cut your fabric until you are given cutting instructions. 

Step One: Separating value 

Value is very important in this quilt!  There should be a definite distinction between the dark, mid and light valued fabrics. Roughly separate your fabrics into piles before cutting.  Taking a black and white photo can help you differentiate between values.   

The next step will be the cutting instructions, which will help you determine how much of each value you'll need.  

Edited to say the following:

Because people asked, here is the approximate yardage needed:

Dark Value - 2 yards

Mid value - 2.5 yards

Light value - 1 yard

Here's the scary part, the pattern does not state required yardage (because this is supposed to be scrappy) so these numbers are based on MY calculations!  You might want to wait until step two to verify!  

Below is my first attempt at pulling out medium value fabrics for this mystery quilt.  Though I was satisfied with my color choices, I decided to look at the black and white version of the picture I'd taken.  Can you see that one fabric screams "dark" in comparison to the rest of my fabrics?  The cute blue giraffe fabric didn't make the cut.  Value is very important in this quilt. Taking a black and white photo of your fabrics will take the guesswork out of the selection process!