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2023 Quilt Entry Rules and 
Online Quilt Entry Form

Sierra Mountain Quilters Association 23rd Quilt Show 

"Gateway to Yosemite"

May 20th - May 21st 2023

Welcome to our online Quilt Entry Form

If you are entering more than one quilt it is necessary for each one to be entered individually. The deadline for entry is April 7, 2023.

So that you can be prepared before you sit down to fill out the online form, here are the questions you will be answering... and by the way, if this form is any way too complicated or intimidating, ask a young friend or relative, quilty buddy or our webmaster Sally Walker or Quilt Show Chair Constance Peterson to help you. Maria at Bear Paw says stop by on a Friday and she will lend you a hand. If you want to enter, we will make it happen.

2023 Exhibitor Quilt Application and Biography

Items with an asterisk must be filled out before proceeding to the next section.

Section 1 of 5 is just basic information:

Each member may enter three quilts in the wall hanging/small/medium/large category and one mini quilt. 

Eligible quilts must: 

Have a quilt sandwich including the quilt top, batting, and backing. 

Have finished outer edges such as attached binding, self binding, facing, pillowcase method, ruffle or prairie points.

Be quilted by hand, machine, or tied.

Be entered by a member of Sierra Mountain Quilters Association.

Section 2 of 5 is Entrant Information:

Please remember Items with an asterisk must be filled out before proceeding to the next section.

Entrant name*____________________

Entrant phone number*___________________

Entrant mailing address*____________________

Section 3 of 5 is Quilt Information:

Name(s) of maker(s), if other than Entrant

Name of Pattern or Quilt*

1st, 2nd and 3rd choices or Mini

Each member may enter three quilts in the wall hanging/small/medium/large category and one mini quilt.  If submitting more than one quilt, please select 1st, 2nd or 3rd choice with each entry.  Final display of quilts depends on available space. 

If this is a mini quilt, please indicate below.  All mini quilts will be shown. 

This question is followed by multiple choice

Mark one only*

  • 1st choice

  • 2nd choice

  • 3rd choice

  • Mini

Quilted by*:_____________

Design source (name of pattern and/or designer)__________

Year started - optional_______

Year finished - optional_______

Quilt size:

Size in inches- width*_________

Size in inches- length*_________

Size in square inches. Multiply width by length. For example a quilt that is 60" x 72" = 4320 square inches.*___________

Size category*

In rare circumstance a quilted project may not fall into one of the categories below. An example would be an 18" by 90" bed runner.  At the discretion of the Quilt Show Committee, the entry will be put into the size category which seems to be the best fit. 

  • Mini: 18" or less wide and 18" or less in length

  • Wall Hanging: 18" to 54" wide and 18" to 54" in length

  • Small Quilt: 54" to 70" wide and 54" to 70" in length

  • Medium Quilt: 70" to 90" wide and 70" to 90" in length

  • Large Quilt: 90" plus wide and 90" plus in length

  • Other: see note above regarding quilt entry sizes.

Techniques used

There will be ribbons for specialties and techniques listed below:

Pieced - mark only one

  • Machine pieced

  • Hand pieced

  • Both

  • Does not apply

Appliqué - mark only one

  • Hand appliqué

  • Machine appliqué

  • Both

  • Does not apply

Embroidery - mark only one

  • Hand embroidered

  • Machine embroidered

  • Both

  • Does not apply

Quilting - mark only one

  • Hand quilting

  • Domestic machine quilting

  • Long arm quilting

  • Combination

Art Quilt

Yes or no

Original pattern design

Yes or no

Section 4 of 5

Artist's statement/Interesting facts*

Describe your entry, techniques, and what inspired you to make this quilt. Though there is no limit to what you type below, the Show Committee reserves the right to edit any information for the show.

This description will be displayed with your entry:

May your quilt be photographed?

Yes or no

Is your quilt for sale?

Yes or no

Section 5 of 5 - phew...almost done! 

Insurance Waiver


The Sierra Mountain Quilters Association insurance policy is a personal liability policy only. It does not provide any protection against property damage, loss, or theft. Entries are handled with great care and hostesses are provided so the public does not handle the quilts. We ask that all entrants sign the following statement as evidence of their recognition and assumption of risks as part of this entry form.

"By signing this statement and entry form, I expressly agree to release Sierra Mountain Quilters Association and Oakhurst Community Center and their respective agents, employees, and members from all liability for loss damage, theft, injury or destruction to any article entered by me in the Sierra Mountain Quilters Association Quilt Show at the Oakhurst Community Center, Oakhurst, CA. I understand and assume that I bear the risk of all uninsured loss to my own property and that it is up to me to properly insure my own property against any and all risk I choose."

By entering your initials below, you are effectively providing your signature*

Click on the link below to proceed the online 2023 Exhibitor Quilt Application and Bibliography.

After you submit your online Quilt Entry Form, you will immediately receive a copy of your form via email. At a later date you can expect an email with instructions for dropping off and picking up your quilt(s).

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